American Crew Trichology Anti-Hair Loss Patch

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American Crew Trichology Anti-Hair Loss Patch

American Crew Trichology Anti-Hair Loss Patch Rating:
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Product Description

Think Nicotine Patch--but instead of trying to quit smoking the goal is to regain a full head of hair. Innovative and convenient way (other hair loss lotions can get a bit messy) to promote healthy locks, hair patch can be applied to both recession areas (on your head, not the economy) and crown. Perfect to use when hitting the sack at night, the patch couldn't be any easier to use. Using a gradual time release system, patch is loaded with pro-vitamin B5 along with flower and herbal extracts to expand the follicle and promote longer hair life. Patch is safe to wear in the shower and should be placed in a slightly different area of the head each time a new one is applied.


  • The most convenient and mess-free way to promote hair growth, patch uses a gradual time-release system to strengthen follicles during sleepy-time.

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