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I Quit Stop Smoking caplet is a remarkable break-through formula that helps you control the urge to smoke*. Kontrol is designed to curb the cravings and discomfort experienced during the first three months of quitting*. Once you have conquered your smoking challenges with I Quit, your body will turn to normal. In addition, we have added powerful herbs such as Myrrh, Licorice Root, Blue Cohosh and Peppermint that help remove mucus from the lungs*, and adding a calming factor*. I Quitl is nicotine free and can be used with natural patches or substituted for other nutritional products. Use I Quit once in the morning, once in the mid-afternoon until your smoking urges are reduced. The product can be used daily until you totally quit and then can be used twice a day to prevent the urge to smoke. I Quit can be used in conjunction with other programs that teach you how not to smoke. more

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