How To Quit Smoking Even If You Don’t

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You can quit smoking! It is not impossible!

I use to say, I don't want to quit smoking I asked myself, What if this was the addiction? I then thought, I want to, want to quit. What could make you want to quit?

My biggest motivation came from not wanting to be controlled by this nicotine. I wanted to be in charge. This book is about how to transform one's thinking while simultaneously getting ready to quit.

This book gives you a step-by-step plan that will show you how to get ready to quit. Quitting smoking is like going into battle. With this plan in place you will be ready to win!

You will learn how to develop your willpower and tap into an incredible source of Self-Power. This plan shows you exactly what to do.

How to Quit Smoking Even If You Don't Want To is in textbook format with ten brainstorming exercises you must do. People who smoke are often on auto-pilot-thinking. This plan interrupts the auto-pilot and shows you how to re-write the script.

It is true that you do not have to want to quit smoking but you do have to want to change something about how you make decisions. It is not complicated. As a matter of fact it is all very easy. By doing the exercises and following through with the plan you will see exactly what is holding you on to cigarettes. When you see what is keeping you addicted it becomes a whole lot easier to let go. This book will show you how to eliminate 75% of the nicotine fits, if not more. When you are all done the brainstorming exercises you will have made a one-of-a-kind, custom-made tool that will tell you what to think, when to think it, what to do and when, and how to act and how not to act. You will use this tool when you open your last pack.

I often hear people say, I have tried everything. My response is, Have you looked in the mirror? The answers lie inside you, not in the drugstore. This book is about transforming yourself from the inside. Some of the exercises can help you change other areas of your life that you are not completely satisfied with.

My plan and method is about transforming your mind into one that can do what it could not do before. This is a serious subject with a twist of humor. I am sure you will enjoy it!

Do not be afraid of trying to quit smoking. Be afraid of what will happen if you do not!

Be free! Go for it! more

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