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The decision to quit smoking is far from a casual one. Quitting smoking involves your complete commitment; it must become your number-one priority. Mustering all the support you can get, you need to decide to turn up the flame on your survival instincts, your belief in a healthy future, and your will power and faith that you can and will quit.

The sooner you stop smoking, the better your chances of avoiding some of the unwelcome consequences of smoking. You body and brain begin to recover almost immediately. Cigarette cravings aside, your body wants to stop smoking, and the moment you cut loose the smokes, your respiratory system begins to clear itself out. Here are just a few of the benefits you can reap from kicking the habit:

  • A longer life with a lower risk of cancer and other deadly diseases
  • No more sore throats, congested lungs, and persistent cough
  • The ability to exercise and get back into shape
  • Kissable breath and clothes that don't smell like you just came home from a bar
  • Being able to really taste good food
  • Pleasing your family and friends and no more being the outcast

Like all smokers, you've probably tried to quit a half dozen times, only to relapse. Perhaps you'd given up all hope of being able to quit, but now you're getting pressure from others, such as family members, to end your smoking career completely. But how do you take those first steps? And how do you follow through with your commitment to quit smoking? Quitting Smoking For Dummies can help.

Quitting Smoking For Dummies takes a total approach to help you quit smoking – short of yanking the cigarettes from your hands. It gives you the cold, hard truth about why you're addicted and how smoking harms your body – and it helps you develop a plan for finally quitting. Here's just a sampling of the topics you'll find covered:

  • Understanding the various forms of tobacco – and their effects
  • Figuring out why you're addicted
  • Analyzing the health risks of smoking
  • Developing a strategy to quit smoking
  • Exploring nicotine replacement therapies
  • Staying clean: Avoiding the relapse
  • Getting help from support groups and programs
  • Special considerations for pregnancy and teen smoking

So, the question to ask yourself is, Why wait to quit? You're going to have to eventually; why not start now? With Quitting Smoking For Dummies, you can start your recovery today, and look forward to a long and healthy life. ....read more

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