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How To Beat Your Smoking Addiction Using The Power Of Your Own Mind
This book came about because of discussions with my many smoker friends who were looking for a way out of their addiction. For some (particularly my women friends) the fear of gaining weight was one of the main reasons for not quitting. As a long-time enthusiast for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), hypnotherapy, meditation and subliminal messaging, I knew that these techniques could be really helpful not just to help people quit smoking but to become non-smokers who would never crave a cigarette again. And to do this without gaining weight. Inspired by the likes of Tony Robbins, Paul McKenna, Richard Brandl and Allan Carr I decided to pull together the various strands I had learnt from them and from my own experience over the years into one practical book containing what I hope are nuggets of wisdom in an easy-to-read and practical guide. So, my message to smokers is this: don’t feel guilty about smoking – it is an addiction. You never intended to become a nicotine addict. Don’t be afraid to quit: you can do it without withdrawal symptoms, ‘cold turkey’ or weight gain. You don’t need to smoke and, once you have become a non-smoker using my techniques, you will never miss cigarettes. It really is 'all in the mind'. You can regain control. You just need to put your mind to it and change your thinking about cigarettes. I truly believe that, in my book, you will find the key to unlocking the awesome power of your mind to banish smoking and cravings forever. For more details (including an information pack on NLP, hypnotherapy etc), please write to me at the email address given in my book. more

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