The Secret To Stop Smoking

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In the groundbreaking and highly motivating book, The Secret to Stop Smoking: Unleash Your Power, Dr. Scott Rosiere shares his breakthrough discovery that will be celebrated by every man and woman who smokes...and wants to quit. Learn the universal laws that determine nicotine addiction and take possession of a proven method that enables anyone to break-free of its evil grip. The author intimately understands the smoker's dilemma-wanting to quit, yet still having the urge to smoke. With this book in hand, smokers will learn the straightforward, gimmick-free way to take back their non-smoking lives, and doing so without the stress, weight gain, cravings, or mood swings often associated with the process. The road to becoming a non-smoker does not have to be painful or difficult. This is the book that proves that point...and sets smokers free from the insidious urge to smoke once and for all. If you are a current smoker, or have ever had trouble quitting before, this book is a must-read. more

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